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    Our Business Owner’s Policy, Master PacSM, offers strong core coverage for the property and liability exposures organizations face every day. For more complex exposures, we offer a range of scalable solutions for everything small business owners want to protect.

    Garagekeepers Legal Liability – Covers physical damage to a customer’s vehicle left in the policyholder’s care on a direct primary or legal liability basis.

    Mechanics Tools and Equipment – Optional coverage for employee tools, on and off premises.

    Business Personal Property – Employee tools and diagnostic equipment automatically covered.

    Garage PacSM – Automatic coverage for Theft of Employee Tools ($500/employee,2,500/occurrence), Motor Vehicle Damage to Leased Buildings ($25K) and BIEE coverage for Communication Supply Services ($25K).

    Equipment Breakdown – Automatically included with Master Pac up to BPP limit; $100K sublimit applies to diagnostic, power generating or production equipment; higher limits available.

    Power Pac PremierSM – Best-in-class coverage enhancement designed specifically for businesses that have more sophisticated insurance needs; 40+ expanded coverage features.

    XTEND Endorsement® – Fifteen general liability coverage enhancements include an extension
    of coverage to unnamed subsidiaries (other than partnerships and joint ventures) and a blanket waiver of subrogation that protects your trusted partners from our recovery of damages paid.

    Pollutant Clean-up – $25K automatically included with Master Pac.