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    We work for you, so you can serve others. That purpose takes us beyond just offering insurance policies.  We know that if your staff and volunteers are properly screened, trained and organized and if your church provides a safe environment for your activities – your ministry will have a higher success rate.

    SAFE CHURCH – Church Resource Center –

    Starting a Safety Ministry

    Emergency Preparedness

    Facility Safety


    • Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
    • Baptistery
    • Building and Grounds
    • Crime Prevention
    • Electrical
    • Facility Use by Outside Groups
    • Fire Prevention
    • Heating and Cooling Systems
    • Kitchens
    • Ladders
    • Lightning Surge Protection
    • Outside Contractors
    • Slips and Falls
    • Water Damage

    Financial Safeguards

    Employee & Volunteer Safety

    • Adult Release Forms – Samples
    • Adult Sexual Misconduct & Counseling
    • Baptistery
    • Church Board
    • Church Social Media
    • Employment Practices
    • Ergonomics
    • Food Preparation/Food Safety
    • Ladders
    • Return-to-Work Program Resource Packet
    • Return-to-Work Resources
    • Slips and Falls
    • Worker Safety

    Children & Youth Safety

    • Child Abuse Prevention Resource Packet
    • Child Abuse Prevention
    • Child/Youth Activities
    • Consent Forms
    • Daycare/Nursery Safety
    • Food Preparation/Food Safety
    • Incident Report Samples
    • Playgrounds
    • Youth Safety

    Transportation Safeguards

    The Safe Church Resource Packet

    Table of Contents

    1. Emergency and Crisis Survey for Churches
    2. Monthly Inspection Checklist
    3. Annual Inspection Checklist
    4. Security Checklist
    5. General Church Property Survey
    6. Key Areas for Fire Safety Consideration
    7. Financial Safeguards Survey
    8. Employee/Volunteer Risk Management Survey
    9. Safety Program Checklist
    10. Post-Offer Pre-Employment Health Assessment
    11. Preventing Back Injuries
    12. Ladder Safety Procedures
    13. Safer Work Space Worksheet
    14. Counseling Misconduct Safeguards
    15. Mission Trip Planning Worksheet
    16. Proper Food Handling
    17. Child and Youth Risk Management Survey
    18. Sample Child/Youth Protection Policy
    19. Child/Youth Worker Application Form
    20. Response Procedures for Sexual Misconduct Allegations
    21. Nursery and Toddler Area Safety Checklist
    22. Playground Safety Factors
    23. Parent or Guardian of a Minor Consent and Hold Harmless Agreement
    24. Parent or Guardian Consent to Treat a Minor
    25. Youth and Child Accident/Incident Report
    26. Youth Trip and Overnight Retreat Checklist
    27. Transportation Safety Survey
    28. Transportation Worker Application Form
    29. Vehicle Self-Inspection Report and Instructions
    30. Accident/Incident Report
    31. Church/Facilities Usage and Hold Harmless Agreement
    32. Preparing for and Responding to Acts of Violence
    33. Kitchen Safeguards 34. Practicing Church Discipline
    34. Computer and Internet Safety